ABC – Introduction

ABC – avantgarde-boot-camp

the project avantgarde-boot-camp uses text / code in a multi-boot-system. i.e. text / code can start and use two or more signification systems at the same time. both the initial and final state / condition are contained in the text / code. or other open-ended states / conditions are possible and desirable. not every state / condition of the process has to be recognizable and accessible. in addition – text / code can be expanded with the appropriate bootloader [A-B-C] .

bootloader {A} // appropriate //

to appropriate text / code you can press the selection key again and again to archive different version / conditions of text / code. the medium is x-times (git poser). the use of any avant-garde emulators today seems to range between cancelation and extinction. level over encoding and merge request (agile revue). the question remains – can classic avant-garde text / techniques still be installed. without becoming sour in the daily text / code backlog.

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bootloader {B} // boot virus //

the boot virus is already active when starting (booting). i.e. it loads states / conditions that have not yet been recognized in the text / code. the result: different text / code levels / surfaces are stacked on top of each other (erasure literatur). this can get as far as the text / code black out (blackout / found poetry).

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bootloader {C} // compile //

compile is supposed to deal with the immediate appropriation of text / code – from code poetry to texts generated by programs. if the code output – as in code poetry – is in itself a executable program. is secondary.

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